Stroke Ratings: Do you have a hole in your stroke…?

We are officially done with the 500m progression. I am however curious about what would happen if you went all in on a single 500m piece. AKA: how fast can you go for 500m…? This is a distance you now know intimately, so why not give it a shot?! Plus, good news is that such a peak into your capacity will only take about 2 min give or take. I’m calling this a win and thus we will in fact be looking at that this week.

But in addition to your 500m (and since this will in fact take about 2 min) we are going to throw some skill work into the mix as well. I almost always work with ratings in between progressions because they are not only such a solid thing to have in your toolbox, but also because they can reveal some serious holes in your stroke. Usually a lot of us can simply get it done between 24-28 strokes per minute, but as soon as we need to do so at either a 20 spm or a 34 spm shit goes bad fast. This almost always has to do with our ability to apply power over the course of the drive and to legitimately rest in the recovery.

If you find yourself simply going slower to try and hit a 20 spm – you need to be applying WAY more power during the leg drive and being WAY more patient over the course of the recovery. If you’re finding that your wheels come off above a 30 spm, chances are you are going up and down the recovery at the same rate and using your feet to pull you back up to the catch. In this case, focus on slowing down your recovery and using the momentum created by getting your arms away first and then leaning forward to initiate your recovery. Essentially the same solution in both cases of rating, it’s just going to look little different – heavy in the first scenario and light in the second but powerful in both.


Check out this week’s workout HERE.

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