Rowing Workout of the Week: 500m Prg, Wk 9

Man, welcome to week 9 of the 500m Progression. After 9 weeks of this business you should feel pretty freaking solid rowing 500m a silly amount of times. But chances are this cycle just got interesting. I know that when I sat down to do last week’s workout obtaining and holding that rhythm demanded way more from me than previous weeks. I had to be on every stroke or I would lose it. There couldn’t be any loose ends. If I was lazy or disengaged or yanky – my rhythm would fall apart.

What was lovely though, and rather unexpected: I rowed the best I had in years. I can get on a machine now and it will feel familiar. It will always feel like movement home. However, when I’m not rowing thousands and thousands of meters every week, the details tend to get lost. My catch isn’t quite as smooth and crisp and articulate as it was in college. However, spending the last 8 weeks working purely on establishing and maintaining a specific rhythm brought back some of that magic.

As I’ve watched my own group of athletes go through this cycle we’ve all handled the prescribed paces a little differently. There seemed to be a big push to go, not necessarily as fast as possible, but faster than our pace dictated. That’s fine. That’s done. But this progression wasn’t about speed. Speed will emerge from it, but speed wasn’t the point. Rhythm was the point. Pace was the point. As you go into the last weeks of this progression my one ask of you is this: choose a pace and hold it. If it’s faster than :06 seconds off your 1k I do not give a shit. What I do give a shit about is that you choose it and you hold it for 500m, 10 and then 12 times. Don’t go in fast and wait to get tired to settle to that pace. Get there no more than 10 strokes into your piece.

Hold yourself accountable to that rhythm. Let it fill in the details. It will make you a better rower. I promise.

Rowing Workout of the Week:

10 x 500m row
pace: :06 split seconds slower than your 1k average split
Rest = 2 – 2:15
If your (original) 500m pace is:
> 2:00, rest = 2:00
2 – 2:15, rest = 2:15

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