Rowing Workout, March 24: 500m Prg, Wk 8

Welcome to week 8 of the 500m, operation establish rowing rhythm progression of 2016. I do believe this will be our last time through this cycle. Depending on how much time you’ve previously spent on the rower, this progression probably felt a little different. If you’re relatively new this progression is a delightful foray into speed, connection, and rhythm. For instance, I have one athlete who is now doing his whole progression faster than his 1k. The man figured out how to connect. Love that.

If you’ve spent some serious meters prior to this progression on the rower than this has been more a period of fine-tuning and curiosity. What happens if I sit up a little bit more? At what point do I lose the smoothness of my catch and how can I get it back? My rowing has absolutely changed over the course of this experience. It’s gotten smoother, more precise, less of that global swath of power that sometimes rowing only in WODs creates.

As we move through possibly the last cycle of this progression acknowledge where you’re at – are you still figuring this whole rowing thing out or are you working on some details? Either position is totally admirable and totally legit. But as these pieces get a little more challenging use them to reinforce what you’re working on – be it the basics or the details. Resist the urge to just row hard and pick up the pieces on the other side. Train good rowing, especially under duress. That’s when that shit sticks.
Rowing Workout of the Week

8 x 500m row
Pace = :08 split seconds slower than your 1k average split
Rest = 2 – 2:15
If your (original) 500m pace is:
> 2:00, rest = 2:00
2 – 2:15, rest = 2:15

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