ROW: Nov. 13

4 x 1000m row / 4 min rest

#1: 200m @ 22, 200m @ 24, 200m @ 26, 200m @ 24, 200m @22 spm

#2: 200m @ 24, 200m @ 26, 200m @ 28, 200m @ 26, 200m @24 spm

#3: 200m @ 26, 200m @ 28, 200m @ 30, 200m @ 28, 200m @26 spm

#4: 200m @ 28, 200m @ 30, 200m @ 32, 200m @ 30, 200m @28 spm


Think about establishing length and power during the first half of the pyramid. With each shift up in rating, you should try and maintain the some of the length you’ve established (when I say length, I mean trying to stay connected to the handle with your legs as long as possible), while also allowing your stroke to get a little lighter & quicker.


When shifting up in rating, think about being a little more dynamic at teh catch. Turn around quicker and then let your recovery adapt to this change in drive speed.


When shifting down in rating (fyi: this is a doozy), you have to commit like it’s your freaking job to your leg drive. Think BIG LEGS and then relax the recovery. After several strokes, you can exaggerate the leg drive a little less (while keeping it strong & long) and fall into a rhythm.



Continuing on with getting more familiar with rating, here’s a little rating work for you guys. Take 2-5 strokes to build to your rating then:

5 strokes at 65% pressure/effort, 5 strokes at 75% pressure, 5 strokes full pressure


Ratings: 24, 26, 28, 30 (keep the rating the same for all 15 stokes.) Paddle or rest between efforts.


This week’s blog post: How to Row Jackie – Seconds Lost vs. Seconds Gained



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