New Progression!

Weekly rowing workouts are back after a brief, Thailand induced, hiatus. And not only are they back, they are back with a whole new progression. Big things. Big – cardiovascular inducing, gross in that way this in unique to rowing – things.

The idea for this cycle is borrowed from a fellow coach at CrossFit Verve, Paul Buono. I’m paraphrasing, and am shifting things around just slightly, but essentially what I have in store for you will be, super gross yet equally effective. It’s that good.

The Progression:

Week 1: 6x500m with 3 / 3:30 min rest. Week 2: 8x500m with 3 / 3:30 rest. Week 3: 10x500m with 3 / 3:30 rest. Week 4: back to week 1 but 2 sec faster…

What we’re testing (and re-testing): 1k for time AND 15 min time trial for meters.

Why are we testing two different things? We are going to use the 1k to establish a pace. That way you have a unique and perfectly suited to you pace for the whole progression – a custom Armani suit of paces here folks. The 1k also looks to your anaerobic realm AND on an erg, your ability to connect like a champion.

By also using the 15 min piece we’re going to see this progression sneaking into your aerobic capacity.

If you’re a CrossFitter whose planning on rocking the open or a human who would like to do just about anything better and faster – this progression has you in mind


See this week’s workout HERE!

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