Make it Easy! But Seriously.

Welcome to week 4 of our 500m progression. Remember that time you thought 8 was a lot of 500m pieces…? Twelve is the new eight. And truth be told, I am 0% worried about you. You will be fine. Your tush might get a little grumpy at you, but other than that – you. will. be. fine.

I want to reiterate one thing and one thing only today: make it as easy as you can for as long as you can!

It = rowing. It = your piece. It = your rhythm.

I was reminded how crucial this fact is when I was doing this workout last weekend. I was still on the recovering end of a cold and my pace wasn’t happening in the way it had been in previous weeks. So I got a little anxious. I started to yank a bit at the catch. I started to tense up. I started to pull instead of push.

Three 500m pieces into 12 I gave myself a little pep-talk. “Maddie. Stop making this shit harder than it needs to be. Make it easy. Make it smooth. You know how to do that.”

What happened post pep-talk to make my rowing suddenly so much better: I relaxed. I made it easy. In order to do so you have to of course make it a little harder, but in a different way that you were before.

Here’s how:

  1. Your catch needs to be quicker and tighter. Not quicker via yanking, quicker via staying extremely engaged in the belly, letting your arms stay long, pulling your lats down, all the while pressing smoothly and efficiently off of the front end.
  2. Come in and out of your body at the finish at exactly the same speed. Do not pause. Do not throw your handle away in a desperate attempt to go faster. Exactly the same.
  3. Use your recovery. Do not rush.
  4. Settle aggressively to your pace. Do not dick around. You know your pace so get there within 100m and then hold it.

Make it easy.

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