How to Row a 1k for Time & The New Progression

Last week was test #1 of our current progression. If you missed all the info for this particular rowing adventure check it out HERE and HERE.

Next up on the agenda is a 1k test. We’re going to use this test primarily to gauge your pace throughout the progression. Specific paces are the best (until you’d really rather not know exactly the pace you should be holding and would much rather by nestled into the sweetness of ambiguity. In that case, exact paces suck…) But seriously, you go into a workout knowing exactly what you need to do and it helps to cut through some of the BS of life. It’s simple and straightforward and created out of your own actual performance not some pace you think you can do and then seriously doubt when the rowing gremlins start their taunting…

We will retest the 1k on the back-half of this progression to see how it affected your anaerobic capacity as well as your general ability to be a bad ass.

How to Row a 1K:

1ks are straight-up jerks. They are too long to be a 500m – just f*cking go for it – and they are too short to be a 2000m – settle into a solid rhythm and do some work until you just f*cking go for it…

Will you need a rhythm: ABSOLUTELY.

Will that rhythm be flirting with a sprint pace and probably faster than you want it to be: ABSOLUTELY.

I would recommend breaking this piece down into 250m sections.

1st 250: your sprint start, high 10-15 strokes, & settle 10 strokes (high = FAST, settle – slow to your rhythm)

2nd 250: take 10 strokes to lock into your rhythm. Focus on breathing.

3rd 250: this one will hurt. sit low and do the work.

4th 250: hold on. chances are your arms, your legs, or both are starting to go sort of unsettlingly numb. Fight. Breathe. When you get to that last 100m: don’t think. Just move.

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