Girls Gone WOD Podcast & Rowing Basics Video

I had such a blast last week going on the Girls Gone WOD podcast. Joy and Claire are local crossfitters here in Denver, and kick some serious butt. I think sometimes in crossfit we can get lost up in the competition of it all, and may forget what actually brought us through those doors in the first place. Usually it wasn’t to go to the Games, but rather to get stronger, in that multifaceted way that the gym is so good at procuring. What I love about this podcast, is that is is all about these facets of strength (and hilarity) that come up in the gym everyday.

We spend the first half of the podcast talking all about rowing and how to be successful on that pesky machine over the course of a WOD. In the second half we get more into my own journey, how I got into Paleo, the lessons I’ve learned, and am still learning. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Girls Gone WOD Ep. 70: All about Rowing with Maddie Berky

We also made a rowing basics video (at the top of the post,) filled with some sweet tips to make you a champ on the rowing machine. We talk about finish sequence, sprint starts, “browing,” and more!

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