Cool Your Jets

Welcome to week 3 of the 500m Progression! Same basic drill this week as last week except you just keep rowing…

One thing I want you to focus on this week is trying to make this feel as easy as possible for as long as possible. Seems self-explanatory, no? But I get it. Working out, training, should be hard. You throw rowing into the mix and that business is supposed to steal a little bit of your soul. But that is not the best, nor most sustainable way to approach this progression (and we’ll throw in, life in general.) This progression will get harder. Fact. And what will allow you to survive when that happens is if you haven’t spend the whole week’s prior to that – oh shit this is now hard – week fighting.

Instead, this week work to see how easy, how smooth, how rhythmic you can make each piece. You know your pace so settle right to it and hold it there. And don’t hold it there like an asshole. See if you can maintain it and enjoy it (just a little bit). Make it seem easy. Even if it isn’t always actually easy, strive to make it look easy. That’s the beauty of rowing, that’s when you know the sign of a good crew: it looks easy. Effortless. But they are flying.


Check out this week’s workout HERE.


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