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How to Row a 2k

Oh 2k day. You saucy little minx. The day that would send fear quaking through my little rowing soul (let’s be honest, that fear started like a month before the actual day itself) because it meant so much. It wasn’t just a hard workout – it was the workout that defined who I was as a rower, an athlete, and… Read more →

Stroke Rating: Your New Best Friend

For most athletes who sit down on that seat, stroke rating pretty much means nothing. And why should it? It’s one more freaking number to worry about and rowing is already stressful as is. Screw that data. False. Or rather, let’s reconsider. Stroke rating is a beautiful piece of data to add to the whole rowing equation. Plus it’s kind of like… Read more →

Sprint Starts and Why your legs > your arms.

I’ve made the proclamation several times that I will officially drop the micc and leave CF Verve forever the day that no one starts a piece using just their arms. My work there will be done. Truth be told, I think that’s already happened, but I’m sticking around anyways… There’s something about starting apiece that results in full on testosterone blackout. Under such conditions… Read more →

Pausing at the Catch…?

Rushing your recovery is problematic for a whole slew of reasons, but the one we’re addressing today is that it results in a sticky catch. Ideally we want one piece of our stroke to feed into the next without any pause. It’s like a prius. That business needs to be sustainable. Every time a pause creeps into our sequence our… Read more →

Rowing for Calories & How to Approach 15.5

BAH! Rowing for calories. You’ve got to be kidding me?! But seriously, everyone gets in a serious CF tizzy whenever they see rowing for calories on the whiteboard. Throw the Open into the mix and shit gets crazy real fast. Calories take FOREVER to row. Fact. So then what’s the magic formula for rowing for calories? Is it damper setting, change in ratio,… Read more →

Row’d Royalty Wk 4 Breakdown

Row’d Royalty Workout, Wk 4 Row 1500 meters Row 6000 meters Score 4A: 1500m time Score 4B: total time (For more info on how to set intervals, check out the Row’d Royalty Site) I mentioned last week that pain in rowing has the unique ability to expand to fit any space provided. Well, you must do the same thing with… Read more →

Row’d Royalty Week 3 Breakdown

Row’d Royalty Competition: Week 3 Row 500 30 Burpees over the Rower Row 2k Score A: 500m + 30 Burpees over the rower Score B: Total Time (Check out the Row’d Royalty site for more information regarding how to score and set the monitor.) Two of my favorite things: rowing and burpees. Well played Row’d Royalty on this workout, well played. I’m not even… Read more →