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1k for Time: Pull Harder

Here are some stats for you. Over the course of this 500m progression you have rowed 96 500m pieces and 48,000m. That is crazy. And awesome. That is in fact, crazy awesome. But seriously, that is A LOT of 500m pieces. Five hundred meter pieces are now your jam. Sweet. Wrap that up in a little bow and relish in… Read more →

Rhythm First, Speed Later

We are officially 7 weeks into this progression. I’m biased, but I’m a huge fan of these workouts. What I like about them: they’ve reminded me how crucial rhythm is both in establishing a pace and enjoying this whole act of rowing business. I was coaching this week and we came up with a brilliant, little nugget: It’s easier to… Read more →

500m Progression, Cycle 2

Sick of 500m pieces yet? I know, I know, that simply isn’t a thing. And good, because we’re only on round two of this experience. We do have one change from the first cycle: we’re starting at 8 x 500m instead of 6 x 500m. Why? Because this isn’t your first time at the 500m rodeo and you will be… Read more →

Cool Your Jets

Welcome to week 3 of the 500m Progression! Same basic drill this week as last week except you just keep rowing… One thing I want you to focus on this week is trying to make this feel as easy as possible for as long as possible. Seems self-explanatory, no? But I get it. Working out, training, should be hard. You… Read more →

New Progression!

Weekly rowing workouts are back after a brief, Thailand induced, hiatus. And not only are they back, they are back with a whole new progression. Big things. Big – cardiovascular inducing, gross in that way this in unique to rowing – things. The idea for this cycle is borrowed from a fellow coach at CrossFit Verve, Paul Buono. I’m paraphrasing,… Read more →