Breakdown of 500m Progression, Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the new progression (which henceforth will be known as the 500m progression.) Theoretically you should have a 15 min piece as well as a 1k under your belt at this point. We’re holding onto that 15 min to retest at the end of all this 500m repeat business, but we’re going to use that 1k as a reference point to establish your pace.

You may find with this that week 1 ain’t too shabby (aka: not disastrously hard), possibly even this whole first cycle. That’s ok. We’re looking at volume here not necessarily soul-crushing intensity. As we repeat this cycle the goal is for it to stay manageable but start to shift towards a spicy manageable.

If you do a workout and for reasons involving the physical act of rowing (versus you not sleeping, breaking up with who you had strong suspicion was the love of your life, and/or have pure coffee versus blood and sustenance running through your veins) – adjust your pace. No big deal. You should be able to hold your pace for the whole workout (plus or minus about a second.) If you feel like you may or may not have totally bombed your 1k for perhaps the aforementioned non-rowing related reasons – you may also adjust your pace.

Pace: Your pace for this first cycle of the progression (6, 8, & 10 x 500m) will be 10 split seconds slower than your average 1k pace. So, if you’re 1k was 4:00 with a 2:00 average split your pace will be 2:10 for each 500m piece.

Rest: I was pondering the issue of rest while erging today (seemed like as good a place as any to think about rowing.) Instead of prescribing a fixed rest or one across men vs. women, we’re going to set it according to pace. If you’re 500m pace is below a 2:00 split: take 2:00 min rest. If It’s between 2:00 & 2:15: take 2:15 minutes rest. And if it’s above a 2:15: take 2:30. Your rest will remain constant throughout the whole progression.

Bam. I do believe that is all for the moment. Have fun.

Check out the workout HERE.

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