Author: Madeline Berky

1k for Time: Pull Harder

Here are some stats for you. Over the course of this 500m progression you have rowed 96 500m pieces and 48,000m. That is crazy. And awesome. That is in fact, crazy awesome. But seriously, that is A LOT of 500m pieces. Five hundred meter pieces are now your jam. Sweet. Wrap that up in a little bow and relish in… Read more →

Rowing Workout, March 24: 500m Prg, Wk 8

Welcome to week 8 of the 500m, operation establish rowing rhythm progression of 2016. I do believe this will be our last time through this cycle. Depending on how much time you’ve previously spent on the rower, this progression probably felt a little different. If you’re relatively new this progression is a delightful foray into speed, connection, and rhythm. For… Read more →