About Elevation Rowing

About Elevation Rowing

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those three special words that make my heart sing, “I hate rowing.”

Duh. Rowing is awful. It’s both extremely physical and profoundly mental, but more than that, it is also a skill. When I hear those three little words, generally what they mean is that there is a technical gap in said hater’s stroke, and gaps we can fix.

While the rowing stroke is filled with complexity, generally one or two quick fixes can completely change the way you feel on the machine. What does that mean? It means improved performance on all things rowing, especially within the context of a WOD.

Better understanding and control of your stroke allows you to know the exact stimulus that will be affected (AKA: your quads!) and thus being able to get off the machine ready to jump into whatever is next, be it thrusters, pull-ups, or simply another piece.

Rowing is hard enough, no need to make it worse. Elevation Rowing is here to give you both power and confidence on that machine.


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The Coach: Maddie Berky

Maddie rowed competitively for 8 years, including 4 years at Williams College in MA. During her rowing career she was a part of winning 4 NCAA Div III Team National Championships. She has also been coaching CrossFitters on the rowing machines since she started in the sport in 2010. To each seminar she brings a wealth of rowing, training, and CrossFit knowledge aimed to make you kick some serious butt.

Maddie currently coaches at CrossFit Verve in Denver, CO. She is also the founder of the health & wellness blog, paleogirlinthecity.com, helping you to find power on your plate, at your barbell, and in your life.

Maddie Berky, coach of Elevation Rowing seminar in Denver.