Rowing Seminars

Rowing Seminars


Our two and a half hour rowing seminars are here to change the way that you feel about the rowing machine. Each seminar will involve comprehensive instruction and breakdown of the rowing stroke. Special attention will be given to sequence, as it here that most errors occur and instant gains can be made in your performance.

We will also cover sprint starts (after this seminar you will never again start your piece by pulling with your arms) and other ways to build into pieces. Both smart pacing and solid mental-game will be woven in throughout our discussion, as well as how to approach rowing in all types of WODs and workouts.

Finally, each Denver rowing seminar will end with a rowing workout, as there is no better way to get a feel for rowing besides going for it.

Stop shirking rowing days and start taking control of your rowing stroke. Don’t forget: rowing is a skill. All you need are the right tools to succeed. We’re here to provide those tools.


Elevation Rowing, Denver Rowing Seminar

Elevation Rowing Seminar Recap:

– 2.5 hrs of Personalized Instruction

– Stroke & Sequence

– Sprint Starts & Builds

– Pacing & Stroke Rating

– Damper & Machine Set-Up

– Mentality & Rowing in Workouts

– Sprint Rowing Workout


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