500m Progression, Cycle 2

Sick of 500m pieces yet? I know, I know, that simply isn’t a thing. And good, because we’re only on round two of this experience. We do have one change from the first cycle: we’re starting at 8 x 500m instead of 6 x 500m. Why? Because this isn’t your first time at the 500m rodeo and you will be just fine.

This week we are also shifting our pace. Instead of your 1k average + :10 split seconds, your pace is 2 seconds faster at 1k + :08 split seconds. If you found that you perhaps choked (or perhaps more likely, that you under-paced and under-appreciated your speed) and this last cycles was BOTH faster than the prescribed :10 second pace AND easy then take 2 split seconds off of that pace. If it was faster but not easy, (it should’ve landed somewhere between easy-ish and a moderate, but not serious kick in the face) then stay at the same pace.

Remember: rhythm and make it as easy as possible for as long as possible. Don’t complicate this shit.

Ten x 500m and 12 x 500m are in your immediate future.


Check out this week’s workout HERE!

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