Elevation Rowing, Denver Rowing Seminar

Rowing Seminar

Elevation Rowing is dedicated to helping you improve your rowing stroke and enhance your athletic performance. Whether you’re a CrossFit pro or a first time paddler Elevation Rowing has a seminar for you.

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Elevation Rowing, Denver Rowing Seminar

Meet the Coach

Maddie Berky has been rowing competitively for more than 8 years. She has been training CrossFit athletes on rowing machines since she picked up the sport in 2010. What can Maddie teach you about simplifying your rowing stroke?

Meet Maddie

Elevation Rowing, Denver Rowing Seminar


Each Elevation Rowing seminar is catered towards the participants and can be taken at a multitude of Denver locations. Rowing seminar’s start at $60. Private instruction is available on a per appointment basis.

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